Partnering in care.

A philosophy of partnership and consultation allows us to place you, our resident, at the centre of all that we do. You help build the way you want to be cared for.

We provide an improved model of care that encourages a greater level of partnership between you, your loved ones, your carer community and Luson.  In accordance with government guidelines, we determine your personal preferences and understand your history and current care. This allows us to shape a better, more effective health and wellbeing plan, together. 

Once in agreeance, your plan is signed off, then we introduce programs and healthcare that suit you best. You can see your plan at any time, and regular reviews ensure we can activate changes if your needs change. The plan can be shared with nurses, clinicians and specialists, so you can actively participate in all aspects of your care.

Caring together,

As a team.

Nobody is more important to us than our residents and team members.  We build meaningful relationships that we treasure. We listen, we talk, we act, to help you.

Valuing individuality.

Everyone has their unique needs, which may change from time to time. We believe in the importance of flexibility and tailored care, delivered with a personal touch that puts you first.

Around the clock.

We offer qualified, professional, 24/7 assistance to each and every one of our residents in every Luson family home.

We’re better equipped.

The medical equipment we use is of the highest quality in the industry.  We research and invest in new industry advances to ensure our care is at a world-class standard.

Families are treasured.

Residents, loved ones, family and our team come together to create a community of care and friendship.  We support shared decision making and treat your loved ones as part of our extended family.

Growing together.

Providing our team with benefits and recognition while helping them grow personally and professionally allows us to provide exceptional services.  We’re here to listen, learn and improve.

Respecting your choices.

Our character and diverse life experiences is what makes each one of us unique. None more so than when we get older. At a Luson family home, we wear our differences proudly.

We understand that your cultural, spiritual and social needs will impact on the type of services and care we provide for you.  We actively seek to learn about you and your preferences, and we encourage your input at resident meetings.  Embedded in our culture is that mutual respect, trust, and sharing of knowledge provides the best outcomes.

Nursing care.

Our nursing care comes with a guarantee of professionalism and commitment to your health and wellbeing. A team of registered nurses, enrolled nurses and experienced personal care workers collaborate to deliver your approved care plan requirements. These could be as little as discreet daily assistance or gentle reminders to take medication. They can be as comprehensive as in-house therapy and specialised help with mobility and routine functions.

Consistency and accountability is achieved by appointing qualified managers, dedicated to each home, registered nurses 24/7 and diligent shift-to-shift communication about your needs.  For our team, annual competency reviews and training provide an opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge and stay up to date with progress in health care.

Memory care.

We understand the challenges of living with memory impairment and related issues. However, we believe that despite this, a person living with dementia can enjoy a meaningful and happy life.  We walk-the-talk by providing innovative specialised care, in secure and familiar surroundings that provide a sense of independence in a safe, beautifully designed environment.

Our family homes and dedicated care spaces have state-of-the-art technology and increased ratios of experienced, specially trained staff. Our people-centric approach recognises the individuality of each person and their memory care needs. Needless to say, we provide a restraint-free environment. Our care plans are developed together with residents and their families. We respect their unique circumstances, abilities, skills and provide comprehensive lifestyle programs, highly attuned to changing needs.

Palliative care.

When facing a life-limiting illness, our thoughtful palliative care helps improve quality of life.  We manage physical symptoms and provide emotional and psychological support, which can be transformative for our residents and their loved ones. Ultimately it comes down to respect of personal choices while enabling residents to remain in their Luson family home, supported by our team and other health specialists and surrounded by those who love them.

Partnering health specialists.

We partner with a host of health and wellbeing experts to provide the gold standard in care.  Our qualified staff work alongside professionals in the fields of fitness, rehabilitation and specialist care to raise the standard in medical service.  Expect Luson’s qualified nurses and team to organise regular visits from doctors, podiatrists, physiotherapists, optometrists, dieticians and more.  They will effectively share information to provide the optimum care for each resident. As they say, it takes a village.

Respite Care.

Life has its challenges that can sometimes impact your normal routine. To help you through a difficult time, we provide short term respite stays, at a Luson family home. You’ll experience the around the clock care, comfort and peace of mind that often prompts our respite residents to move in full time. We encourage you to visit and chat with us.

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Understanding the costs.

We believe in transparency from the get-go. Costs are easy to understand and our commitment to customised care is reflected in our pricing and payment options.

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Our difference.

We’ve been modelling a better version of assisted living that embraces family values and knowledge-driven, expert care. It’s making a difference. There are now more smiles per square metre in a Luson family home.

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