Understanding the costs.

Luson residents receive an exceptional quality of services and care as part of their basic fee. We are proud to provide this premium level of care, for what others may charge more for.  We offer more choice, respect, understanding and flexibility; all backed by an industry-leading care team and premium amenities.

Fees and payments.

Fees associated with quality aged care services in Melbourne and Geelong, cover the care you receive, your accommodation, and additional services you may choose. The Australian Government sets limits for how much you can be asked to pay for accommodation and provides government assistance for those who are eligible.

We suggest you seek financial advice to help choose the right payment option for you.

Our Client Services Managers can help guide you with the process or refer you to a financial adviser near you.

Types of fees.

Basic Daily Fee.

Residents are required to contribute to the daily living costs including nursing care, meals, cleaning and laundry services. This cost is roughly 85% of a single Australian Aged Pension and for some residents, it may be the only fee necessary. If you are experiencing financial hardship, Centrelink can make an assessment for exemption.

Means Tested Care Fee.

You may be asked to make an additional contribution towards your Basic Daily Fee. This is dependent on your income and assets. The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) will advise if you need to pay a Means Tested Care Fee in addition to the Basic Daily Fee. There is an annual and lifetime cap on the Means Tested Care Fee.

Accommodation Payment.

The Accommodation payment refers to the price of the room you choose. Based on your income and assets, you may be required to pay all, or contribute to the cost of your accommodation. There are flexible options for how this payment can be made.

Optional Extra Services Fees.

You may incur an additional fee for lifestyle choices that are additional to the great range of services already provided at Luson. Our Client Services Manager can easily provide a list of these extra services and costs.  It’s your choice and you can opt-in and out any time.

How are fees determined?

The government uses an income and means assessment to work out the type of fees and amount you may be required to pay.

We recommend you complete the income and means assessment form prior to entering care. The assessment is not legally compulsory, however until the home receives your assessment, you will be required to pay the full fee.

Depending on your circumstances, you may not have time to complete these forms before moving into a Luson family home. All fees can be adjusted back to your date of entry once you complete the required forms.

To lodge an Income and Assets Assessment form with the Department of Human Services call 1800 227 475 to ask for a form or, download the following form;
Residential Aged Care Calculation of your cost of care (SA456).

And for DVA customers ;
Residential Aged Care Property details for Centrelink and DVA customers (SA485)

The myagedcare.gov.au government website has a residential care fee estimator to help you evaluate the fees you may be required to pay.

Accommodation fee payment options.

There are four ways to make payments towards the costs of your room. The government aims to ensure you receive quality support, care and flexible payment options when you need it. Payment contributions and options are provided to suit your situation. To help you decide which payment options are best suited to you, we recommend you seek independent financial advice from a qualified and experienced, aged care financial planner.

Lump sum payments.

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
This is a one-off, lump-sum accommodation payment made by you.  If you leave, the balance of this is refunded within 14 days of discharge, less any amounts you have agreed to have deducted.  The government has legislation in place to protect your funds in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC)
The government will make a contribution payment towards your costs, if you are eligible for government assistance.

Daily payments.

Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
‍You will be required to pay this daily payment if you have not paid the lump sum RAD in full. It is effectively ‘interest’ on any ‘unpaid’ RAD and is calculated using an interest rate called the ‘maximum permissible interest rate’ set by the government.

Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC)
The government will contribute to your daily payment if you are eligible for government assistance.

Combination lump sum and daily payments.

This provides the option to pay part of the accommodation fees as a lump sum (RAD) and the remaining amount as regular (DAP) daily payments.

Drawdown payments.

This option is similar to the combination lump sum and daily payments option, however, the Daily Accommodation Payment component is taken from your Refundable Accommodation Deposit, with the balance of the deposit refunded if you leave the aged care home.

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