Luson bus on a secret mission

September 2020

Without question, the hardest part of lockdown for our residents has been not seeing their families.

This week we were able to surprise and make life a little brighter for our residents, with special ‘home visits’ by adhering to strict social distancing rules.

For months, the only contact Mary has had with her great-granddaughters Jasmin and Lua, has been via photos and zoom. Great-grandma Mary met Lua for the first time outside the family home after a quick drive in our Luson bus.

It may not be the same as a big hug from grandma, but under these circumstances, this little trip home meant the world to Mary and her family.

All other residents who went on a special drive were completely overwhelmed by the lovely idea. It was so wonderful to see everyone’s face when we stopped outside their loved one’s home. They could not believe it; it was just wonderful.